I have not had sex for 3 months, my target is 6 months – Huddah Monroe

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Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe is known for living in the ‘fast ‘ lane. However,she appears to have noticeably calmed down, focusing more on marketing her makeup line.

She has now revealed she gave herself a 6 month break from sex. According to her, she has now gone three months without sex and she wants her followers to follow suit.

She however acknowledged that it has not been easy as she is always been tempted by the hot guys on SnapChat, but she just has to stick to her celibacy.

The controversial socialite, who recently mentioned that she doesn’t roll with fuckboys but Vice Presidents and top dignitaries across the world. She made the statement in response to Blac Chyna’s sextape which leaked some weeks back on the internet.

According to Huddah Monroe, if Blac Chyna had not been rolling with boys, she wouldn’t be in such mess. She asserted that top politicians would not even allow you in with any gadget and whatever happens in the room ends in the room. And top of it all, you get paid with also a lot of favors.

The entrepreneur also once stated that being a child in an African home is like being born into slavery. She claims that while growing up, she experienced a lot of abuse in the hands of her parents and she even went further to state that most African parents care less about their children.

According to her some parents would not care where their wards are getting money from as long as they bring some home for them.

She wrote;

If only most African mothers were like Kris Jenner- African mothers always expect- They never care where you are getting money, or what you do as long as you bring them something, money especially.

Most African mothers don’t give a fuck about their daughters: As long as she provides. They even advise you to marry a rich man for their own selfish reasons. So many girls out there hustling out of pressure

You see young gals 16,17,18 already whoring to make some cash cos they are under pressure. Pressure to help their families. Pressure to marry rich men so that they can help their moms or siblings.

Being born in an African family is like slavery, punishment. It’s like a debt. You were born so that you can toil for your family for the rest of your life. We must change that MENTALITY. Help them where you can and leave the rest for God.

One thing i know is that people who always expect handouts will never have enough. And they will always want more. And they pressure you like its a must. We must DEAD that mentality

I am happy to have the greatest mom ever. She always guides my thinking. She always told me I deserve the best in life, and nothing but the greatest!!

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